About Us
We achieve these outcomes through installation of energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting and voltage optimisation, grid infrastructure improvements such as transformer replacement, and major electrical generation projects such as industrial solar, wind turbine and hydro power plants.

Our global partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of these technologies ensure that we offer only the very best product for each individual installation, while our energy auditing and project management expertise ensures our projects are delivered on time and within budget, allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of our energy management initiatives for many years to come.

Our logo, inspired by the Greater Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea apoda), symbolises the company’s close relationship and commitment to the Papua New Guinean environment, with the colours representing the ocean, sun and land, all of which provide the resources for sustainable energy production and distribution.

Having been established with both Papua New Guinean and International management, Pacific Energy Consulting is equipped with the local knowledge and operational capability to deliver energy management projects of any scale; reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and generation capacity, with a focus on quality of service and tailored solutions that help our client’s reach their energy management goals.