Energy Audits
 No matter whether a corporate head office, manufacturing plant, energy infrastructure company or government department, the goal of conducting an energy audit is the same; to understand the unique nature of the operating environment and the underlying drivers of energy consumption, so that we may identify and implement the most effective energy management solutions.

Once we understand exactly how your organisation consumes energy, we can determine the most appropriate strategy to optimise supply, reduce overall consumption and introduce new sources of supply, all based on first-hand intelligence and raw data.

The result of an energy audit with Pacific Energy Consulting is an entirely customised end-to-end energy management solution that will deliver the best possible return on investment for your organisation, along with long term stability.

Upon acceptance of our recommended energy management initiatives, Pacific Energy Consulting works closely with your team to Project manage the implementation of your solution with minimal interruption to commercial operations. It is our holistic approach to delivering tailored energy management solutions and extended services that makes Pacific Energy Consulting different from any other service provider; and one step ahead of the industry.