Energy Efficiency
 With the high cost of energy being a key pressure point for companies in any industry, and losses across the distribution network draining profits of power authorities, improving energy efficiency is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to reduce operating costs and increase long-term profitability.

Pacific Energy Consulting can develop and implement a broad range of energy efficiency solutions, usually following a comprehensive on-site energy audit which allows us to focus on the most effective initiatives given the unique requirements of your operating environment.

Throughout the design of our energy efficiency solutions, our aim is to select and implement the optimum mix of technical interventions to deliver an outcome that will meet your financial and energy saving objectives now, and provide reliability and stability well into the future.

We carry out an extensive supplier screening process, selecting only the highest quality partners offering the most effective technologies, backed by comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties. We take on this assignment so our clients don’t have to. You can rest assured that the products supplied by Pacific Energy Consulting are the best available and are well supported for the future.

See below to find out more about the broad range of quality products that allow us to deliver a unique blend of technical interventions as part of our energy efficient solutions:

Voltage Optimisation

Unreliable and highly variable voltage is typical of power supply networks throughout Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. As a result, items of electrical plant and equipment within your organisation receive electrical power outside their designated working voltage, which can be damaging and leads to excess electricity consumption. Any difference between the voltage supplied and the voltage required is pure wastage, and this wastage is paid for by your company on each and every electricity account.

Pacific Energy Consulting is the exclusive distributor of a unique voltage optimisation system with a patented design that has been proven to deliver average savings of 12-15% of consumed electricity. It is not an off-the-shelf product; it is a bespoke engineering solution custom made to ensure optimum performance for the unique voltage requirements of your site. A voltage optimisation solution from Pacific Energy Consulting will deliver both energy cost savings and protect plant and equipment against the detrimental effects of high fluctuating voltage, poor power quality and positive sequence harmonics. Ask us about out dynamic voltage optimisation solutions to increase overall power quality, stability and reliability.


Energy Efficient Transformers

Ageing, inefficient transformers with high standing loss levels lead to substantial wastage across transmission networks, and for organisations who have transformers connected on-site. For grid infrastructure managers in particular, network losses through inefficient HV/LV transformers are drain on profits and a waste of capacity, particularly where electrical demand often outweighs supply.

Pacific Energy Consulting is the exclusive distributor of a patented, super high-efficiency range of HV/LV transformers with built-in dynamic voltage optimisation and remote access monitoring that deliver unparalleled levels of energy efficiency and asset management. With all the benefits of voltage optimisation outlined above, our exclusive transformer solutions provide optimum voltage output, almost zero standing losses, and lower electricity bills.

Furthermore, these leading edge transformers comprise the only fully, electronically variable output with voltage optimisation in the world. Therefore, regardless of grid voltage variations, our transformers provide a fully regulated voltage output at a user specified level (+/- 1.25V), providing clients with critical loads that require high levels of reliability and security with excellent stability and control.


Energy Efficient Lighting

The energy consumed by lighting is generally a significant component of commercial electricity accounts. By introducing energy efficient lighting, Pacific Energy Consulting can deliver massive savings of 40-70% in lighting energy consumption.

New lighting technologies such as LED and LEP provide an energy efficient alternative for all commercial lighting requirements, including; retail, office, warehouse, industrial, outdoor, flood, street and stadium lighting. Our products provide 25,000-100,000 running hours as standard, which is 5 – 70 times the life expectancy of other less efficient lighting systems, greatly reducing lamp replacement frequency and cost.

With all lighting fixtures achieving best in class lumen per watt output, an energy efficient lighting solution from Pacific Energy Consulting can also enhance the working environment, increasing employee safety and productivity.

Monitoring and Control Systems

Monitoring and control systems have a role both in commercial buildings and across grid network infrastructure. In either case, these systems provide unparalleled user visibility and the data to make informed decisions about energy consumption and asset management.

Pacific Energy Consulting specialise in the design and implementation of ‘smart grid’ monitoring and control technology, providing complete asset visibility, centralised network control, real time monitoring, and automated systems that substantially improve maintenance response times, greatly reducing downtime and power supply interruptions.

This is a critical step for grid network modernisation, and provides the necessary foundation on which to then build, connect and manage the additional generation capacity needed to expand and eliminate power supply problems.

Power Factor Correction

It is not always the case that the amount of electricity consumed at a site or within a buildings is equal to the amount of electricity ustilsed for useful work. Any power that is consumed but not used is wasted, leading to excess costs on commercial electricity accounts due to system inefficiencies. The measure of this inefficiency is known as power factor, which describes the relationship between apparent power and working power.

Apparent power will always be greater than the working power, due to the energy stored in electrical loads and returned to the source, or non-linear electrical loads that distort the wave shape of the current drawn from the source. As such, the resulting power factor ratio will always be less than 1. The greater the difference between apparent power and working power, the further the power factor will be from 1, and the more inefficient the electrical system will be.

Pacific Energy Consulting can measure and improve power factor inefficiencies in two ways. Firstly, power factor correction devices which utilise capacitors to act as reactive power generators can be installed, thus improving power factor, or the better option for overall energy efficiency would be the installation of a voltage optimisation unit with power factor correction built-in.

Other Products

Products that may be considered as part of a larger solution or used in special circumstances are: sub-circuit monitoring equipment (data collection, verification, peak demand management), heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) interventions, such as; replacement or new installation of split system air-conditioners, or implementation of variable speed drives (VSDs) and multi-stage chillers for industrial systems, and intelligent control systems such as occupancy based controls.

Pacific Energy Consulting; through our network of global technology suppliers, also has access to a wide range of high efficiency electrical appliances that can be rolled out as part of large scale construction projects, which along with products such as our super high-efficiency transformers and energy efficient lighting, can provide immediate energy efficiencies at a new site, and reduce the load of new developments on the grid network.