Energy Generation
 The need to build energy generation capacity and meet surging demand both now and into the future is one of the key infrastructure challenges faced by Papua New Guinea and the neighboring Pacific Islands. With rapid economic and social growth, increasing power supply capacity and reach of distribution is critically important for ongoing improvements in prosperity. However, this should be balanced with consideration of the natural environment and ensuring the reliability and sustainability of new power plants for future generations to come.

Pacific Energy Consulting can assist corporations, governments and infrastructure companies to meet these challenges by offering a broad range of sustainable generation solutions, including; Hydroelectricity, Wind Turbine, Solar Power, Gas Turbine and Co-generation Technologies, while also covering all aspects of project implantation management, from initial feasibility studies, environmental studies and site selection, through to plant design, project financing, construction, commissioning and asset management, providing one point of contact for your energy generation needs.

See below for a brief summary of energy generation technologies available through Pacific Energy Consulting:


Hydroelectric power plants are already a key component of Papua New Guinea’s power generation capacity. With excellent access to flowing water resources throughout the country, hydroelectric power plants provide a sustainable, reliable and productive energy generation solution to meet the country’s energy deliverability objectives in many provinces.

In partnership with one of the world’s leading plant manufactures, Pacific Energy Consulting can deliver a turn-key hydroelectric solution for all phases of project implementation, from feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment and design, to construction, commissioning and asset management.


Wind Turbine

Wind turbines power plants can provide a reliable and cost effective solution for perpetual energy production in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. By harnessing the power generated by the wind, large amounts of electricity can be generated from wind farms either onshore or offshore.

Wind power is clean, sustainable and renewable, conserving the natural environment while building generation capacity, and as a result, is becoming very popular with forward thinking nations around the world. Pacific Energy Consulting can partner with your organisation to analyse site options in relation to transmission infrastructure, and assess onshore options which may be most cost-effective, against offshore options that may deliver more consistent output and avoid land rights issues.

In any case, Pacific Energy Consulting provides an all-inclusive service, and can custom design a solution to commercialise wind power projects of any scale, from feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment and design, to construction, commissioning and asset management.


Solar Farms

Solar power is now the default for renewable energy, with technological advancements in recent years enabling solar to provide long-lasting and cost effective energy supply. Double sided cell structures and silicon-based photovoltaic panel design have created better efficiencies, and coupled with new-generation invertors allow better energy generation and quicker return on investment.

With abundant access to the sun’s supply of free energy and year round long daylight hours, solar power plants provide a highly viable energy generation alternative for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. Pacific Energy Consulting can deliver solar power projects to meet a variety of applications, from small independent arrays in remote locations where access to transmission infrastructure is limited, to large industrial solar farms that are grid connected and contribute to increased overall generation capacity.

Pacific Energy Consulting has substantial experience in solar power plant design and installation, helping a range of organisations across diverse sectors to deliver cost savings and alternative energy solutions. We work closely with leading vendors, amalgamating the most effective technologies with our own expert capabilities to deliver truly unique tailored solutions.

Gas Turbine

Gas turbine power plants provide a reliable, cost effective energy generation solution, where access to flowing water, wind or physical space places a restraint on power plant options. Whilst not ‘renewable,’ Papua New Guinea enjoys an abundance of natural gas, which is now being accessed through large LNG export projects, and when compared to other traditional plant options such as widely used diesel generators, gas is relatively cheap and low in emissions.

Where a gas turbine power plant makes the most sense, Pacific Energy Consulting can work with you through all the standard stages of plant design, development and implementation, partnering with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas turbine power plants to ensure the appropriate capacity and reliability of your gas project for many years to come.

Co-generation, battery backup and off grid storage

Pacific Energy Consulting can provide a range of co-generation, battery backup and off grid storage options, delivering energy generation solutions with greater built-in flexibility, providing energy supply when you need it and with maximum efficiencies.

Often the task of matching energy supply with energy demand is a difficult balancing act, particularly where generation relies on natural resources, or in other cases where inherent inefficiencies exist in the generation process and byproducts go to waste. Taking these factors into consideration, Pacific Energy Consulting can provide more closely needs matched energy generation solutions, with co-generation, battery backup and off grid storage.

With co-generation technology, gas turbines can produce electricity along with heating or chilling, utilising exhaust gases to heat a space or water, or to drive an absorption chiller, thereby maximising efficiency in the generation process. Gas turbines can also be switched on and off quickly, meeting energy supply shortfalls or catering for unscheduled demand, alongside other base load energy generation options.

Battery backup and off grid storage provides access to power when the timing of supply and demand are inconsistent. This is particularly useful in the case of solar power plants, where energy output comes to a peak in the middle of the day and drops off to nothing outside daylight hours. With battery backup or off grid storage, this peak time generation can be captured and redistributed to other times of day when demand is greatest, providing consistent energy supply as required.