Support Services
 Our support services integrate all aspects of energy project deliverability to provide all inclusive solutions with one point of contact. See below for a brief summary of support services available through Pacific Energy Consulting:

Electrical Engineering

Electrical and power systems engineering is a cornerstone service offering underlying all major energy projects, whether seeking to implement a new generation plant, increase reach of electricity distribution, achieve more efficient and effective grid management, or calculating the impact of increasing network demand.

Pacific Energy Consulting’s electrical engineering expertise allows us to deliver holistic energy project solutions from feasibility and design through to implementation and commissioning for energy generation, transmission, control systems and utilisation, with a focus on solving complex energy problems and ensuring efficient and effective power systems improvement and operation.

By combining this expertise with our environmental consulting capabilities and access to industry leading energy efficiency and energy generation technologies, Pacific Energy Consulting is ideally poisoned to meet the energy project needs of corporations, energy authorities and governments alike.


Environmental Consulting

Pacific Energy Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of environmental consulting services to support the implementation of major energy projects, allowing for the progress of primary infrastructure services while safeguarding the natural environment and meeting ever more stringent environmental regulations.

Protecting the environment by assessing the impact a project has on the air, water, soil, flora, fauna and noise levels in its vicinity is now mandated by governments and required by corporations to fulfill legal and corporate social responsibility requirements.

Pacific Energy Consulting can provide environmental management services throughout a project’s design, construction and operation, thereby minimising any adverse effects that it may have on the environment and neighboring communities.

This includes assistance in appropriate project site selection, carrying out consultation with key stakeholder groups, conducting environmental impact assessments and audits, implementing environmental management plans and management of statutory administration, all to ISO14001 standards.

Pacific Energy Consulting’s environmental consulting services are also available to the energy efficiency and power generation industries.


Commercial Finance

Financial viability is a key aspect of assessing the feasibility of any energy efficiency or energy generation project. Our range of funding solutions allows you to package your energy project with the appropriate finance product to meet both your energy objectives and financial requirements.

Funding solutions from Pacific Energy Consulting are tailored to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of energy projects, from a simple operating lease to support the implementation of energy efficient lighting, to competitive power purchase agreements (PPA’s) for wind, hydro, solar or gas power generation projects.

Pacific Energy Consulting works alongside some of the largest banking institutions in South-East Asia, ensuring our clients receive the lowest possible rates of interest no matter which financial vehicle is selected to support their project needs. In any case; a tailored funding solution from Pacific Energy Consulting will ensure that your investment will be justified by the results.